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oɴce a killer, ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs a killer.
my hands are ᴄᴏᴠᴇʀᴇᴅ in blood.
and not even your salty tears
of ƒσяgινєηєѕѕ and ℓσνє,
can ωαѕн away
the PAIN I have c a u s e d.


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When she was slowly seated on the couch, she offered a ghost of a smile to him. Tris wanted to talk more, just be with him in peace, but his phone rang. She could tell by the way he was speaking that it was something serious, and she wanted to know what it was. Her..—-that asshole that she was disgusted to call her boyfriend had stopped telling her what was going on between the gangs. She hated that; it wasn’t that Beatrice wanted to be apart of that world. She didn’t really (being regarded as someone’s property and shit like that annoyed her). But hearing about what went on had been her only connection to Ethan.

She nodded in response when he asked if the food he had ordered was okay. Tris watched him leave out slowly, taking the remote from him. If things had been the same, she would have followed him, asked him what was wrong. But now… Tris wasn’t so sure. It had been almost a year since they’d spoken. She wished she had just listened to Ethan and never left…more importantly she wished she could have realized how she felt for him before all of this. 

Tris didn’t remember when, or how she realized her feelings for Ethan but…they were there. She couldn’t deny that…At the same time, the last thing Beatrice wanted was to jump into another relationship. Her best friend was everything she could ever want…and she had given it, given him all up for what? An asshole that had threatened and beaten her more times than she could count. She would always regret her decision but, maybe with a little time she could right the wrong she’d made. Part of her doubted that he would ever return her feelings..

It was hard…not letting what Derrick said get to her…Sometimes things got so bad that she believed him. That he had hurt her to the point where she was worthless..damaged. No one, not even Ethan could want her…right? She didn’t care though…as long as she still had him as a friend, she could live with that. Tris got up slowly, keeping the blanket wrapped around her. She set the remote to the side and walked over to the kitchen slowly, coming over to where he was standing. By the way he was gripping onto the counter, Beatrice knew something was upsetting him. She placed a tentative, gentle hand on his arm, looking up at him with pleading eyes, wanting to know what was wrong.

                         After Tris left Ethan’s body guard seemed to be the only one who understood how he felt and so the two grew to become almost like brothers and to have that asshole murder him after everything else he had done had angered Ethan beyond belief. James became like a brother to him and fuck now he had to burry him and the fact that he was dealing with Tris leaving him to be with Derrick only made things worse. He’s always told Tris his feelings and after all this time all his feelings have been bottled up and he knew he was close to blowing but he would hold it in as long as he could.

                         He took another deep breath and kept his eyes closed gripping onto the counter not wanting to break the fuck down. His blue hues soon flickered open when he felt a hand on his arm and his head turned to look at Tris who had a look on her face he hadn’t seen in so long. Her worried look but he didn’t think he could tell her his issues especially not tonight after all she’s been threw. His eyes stayed on her for awhile and he thought about all of the things he wished he could say to her, he turned a bit so he was now facing her.

                         His hand reached up to rest on the side of her neck and he ran his thumb slowly down her jawline. What he wouldn’t give to be able to kiss her right now, it was screwing him up inside. He slowly leaned his lips in to plant a soft kiss on her forehead, his eyes closing as he did so. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her small frame into his and just held her soon resting his chin on the top of her head. He couldn’t really speak to her like he used to right now because hell things were not how they used to be and he doubted they ever would be.

                         He slowly picked her up and set her on the kitchen counter soon sliding her blanket over her shoulder when it slipped down, his hands moved to her waist and then slowly his arms wrapped around her small frame. His blue hue’s flickered up to meet her gaze before he leaned his forehead against the nape of her neck. his arms pulling her close to him and his lips soon moving up to rest on her neck, his breath moving against her skin. She felt so different since last time she’d been in his arms but he knew deep down it was still Tris.

Ethan was nervous as hell but he should be, he was about to ask the woman he loved who he had been with for the last two years to marry him. He had set up a little scavenger hunt for her, the first box and note she got was for her to take a relaxing bath and then get a massage and get dress and to go to the place they first met. The beach near the heart shaped rock, another note sat there that said she was beautiful and the shoes to match her dress were sitting in a box. The third clue was there first date, ice skating ring, a small box laid there with a necklace and earrings to match. The fourth clue led her and her friends for some drinks and the finale clue led her to some roses that said, go up to the rooftop and you’ll find me. Here he was standing in the middle of a circle of rose petals in a suit waiting for her to emerge from the entrance to the roof.


She felt his eyes devour her, take in every inch of her reflection in the mirror. Tris felt like his eyes alone were enough to make her whole body flame with color. She looked up slowly as he turned her around to face him, feeling how gently his hands handled her. He treated her like something that was to be cherished, delicate enough to be taken care of…she liked that. Her eyes fluttered to his thumb, gliding gently along her bottom lip. She lifted her gaze to his as his thumb moved along her top lip…her jawline..before her eyes closed and she was pulled into a dizzying kiss.

God she had never been kissed like this before. She returned the intensity of the kiss, moaning into the back of his throat. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. Her legs wrapped around his waist as soon as he lifted her up, gasping against his lips as her back pressed against the cool mirror. The kiss was cosmic; her lungs screamed for air, but she never wanted to pull away from him. 

Her back arched at the feeling of his hand gripping her ass firmly, breathing in a large gasp of air once they’d parted. She partly wanted more of his lips on hers…but her want was quickly substituted for something that left her with the same sort of wanting their kiss had left. It was like he was leaving a trail of fire down her neck with his kisses. Her eyes fluttered shut and a soft moan escaped her lips with the action, tilting her neck to the side to give him more access.

Her fingers slid down to his neck, half-lidded, lust hazed eyes opening to undo his bow tie with one tug. She tossed the fabric to the side, letting her fingers scale down his chest to undo the buttons of his shirt. She wanted more of him. Tris wanted to feel his chest against her chest, his legs tangled with hers…his dick inside of her aching center. Beatrice couldn’t reach the last few buttons, so instead she brought both hands up to cup the sides of his face and bring his lips up to hers, starting another fiery kiss that she initiated this time, wanting more.

                            Ethan had never laid in bed with a virgin now that he was truly thinking about it so the experience would be new to him even if himself was not a virgin. Hell she had a better body then he thought and for a virgin she was eager to kiss him, feel him, this was going to be a real hell of a night. His lips continued to move along her neck. His hands roamed up her sides and he gripped them lightly pressing his body down against her own. Her moans and sounds were only causing his member to hardened more then it probably already was. He soon felt her lips against his one more and he returned it with passion, his lips parted against her soft lips to allow his tongue to trace along the outline of her lips before parting her own lips and slowly running along her tongue, she tasted like the wine the two had earlier.

                            He moved his hands down to undo the rest of the buttons of his shirt breaking away from there heated kiss to lean up a bit and slide his shirt off and toss it on the ground, His hands moving to his belt to undo it and throw it down to meet his shirt on the ground. As he unbutton and unzipped his pants, his eyes flickered down to take in the sight of her beautiful body. He pushed down his pants and threw them on the floor and soon leaned down, this time a bit lover and his lips began to plant soft kisses along the top of her chest before his lips moves to her left breast. His tongue slowly began to rub and roll against her sensitive nipple, his other hand roaming up to moves over her right breast and give it a soft grip. His thumb moving along her nipple and matching the circles and rubs and flicks of his tongue.

                            Ethan pressed his body hard against her small frame, a mere piece of fabric separated both of them but even with fabric on his hardened member still pressed it’s length against her core with the connection of there bodies. A soft and deep groan rumbled in the back of his throat as his tongue continued to flick against her sensitive nipple. He knew with being a virgin, her first time would be a bit painful at first but he knew if he satisfied all her senses it would make it less painful. His blue hue’s flickered up just to take a glance of how she was enjoying herself and soon his lips planted soft kisses down the middle of her stomach. His hands grabbed at each side of her delicate panties and he slowly began to slide them off. His blue hue’s couldn’t help but flicker down to take a glance at her core before his hue’s flickered up to look at her. 

                            His hands ran down along the side of her lips and he slowly moved both of her legs over his shoulders. His lips began to plant soft kisses down both sides of her inner thighs nibbling gently on them every so often before his lips finally reached her sweet spot. His lips parted and his tongue soon made an appearance and began to roll around her sensitive clit slow at first and then fast keeping up the same slow and fast phase before his tongue moved down and began to tease her core. His tongue rolling around the entrance of her core and hell she had gotten wetter then he’d thought and he could taste her all over his tongue. One of his hands moved up and he laced his fingers slowly with hers holding her hand as he continued to use his tongue to tease her.


Elena pushed her head into his shoulder to stifle her moans, her hands desperately clawing at his skin while she felt herself being teased further towards her climax. In some ways, she wished she’d had the willpower to push him away; maybe then the situation wouldn’t have been as hard to explain. But given how bad she now needed her release, there was no way she could do it now. It felt as if, momentarily, nothing else existed in her world but this man; he knew how to please her better than anyone else ever had, that was obvious… and he barely even knew her. And as he continued to thrust into her, her fingers moved to brush through his hair, concluding their journey at his neck where they lightly trailed and stroked there along his collarbone.

Her jaw dropped down into a silent ‘O’ as the first wave of immense pleasure hit her, Elena’s hips bucking against his in urgency while she rode it out. She sucked in a breath, almost a gasp as she felt him explode inside her, her eyes growing momentarily wide as her gaze fluttered down to where their hips collided. And she felt herself wrapped around him, massaging the male’s member for all he had to give her, filling her with sweet satisfaction despite the constant-growing guilt that filled her just as fast after reaching her peak. Her hips continued to buck and roll as her legs remained wrapped around him, eagerly taking him into her core, although fearing he would kiss her again she pushed her head to the side away from him. Brown hair falling over her flushed cheeks as waves of pleasure passed over her and she clung onto him, she let out soft mews and equally as soft moans, eventually biting down on her bottom lip to prevent the involuntary sounds whilst her eyes stung with fresh tears, threatening to break out to prove her guilt.


                Ethan was never one to regret anything, hell people had wants and needs and being a vampire those wants and needs were just about ten time higher. If he regretted everything he did then he’d never be able to live with himself which is why he lived his vampire life with every hit or miss it gave him. Ethan could feel her climax all around his member and it only caused a loud but muffled, deep groan to move from his lips. His blue hue’s opened so he would be able to see her climax and after she had both there breathing began to relax.

               His member still rested inside of her core cause fuck he just loved the way her core kept massaging against his still hardened member. He began to see her expressions, he rose his eyebrow and let out a soft breath, his hand moving up to slowly brush the strands of her hairs now covering her cheeks. His lips leaned down and he planted a soft kiss on her cheek. Hell even Ethan has his compassionate moments, after all he did have his humanity so he did feel just like everyone else.

               He lips moved up to her ear ❝Hey don’t cry, I should have stopped, I’m sorry, just don’t cry ok?❞ he spoke, he hated seeing any woman cry, it was a bit of a weakness for him. His moved his hand up once more to rest on the side of her neck and his thumb softly caressed her cheek, his blue hue’s soon flickered up when he heard loud knocking on the wall and a man from the other side telling them to keep it down, a smirk played on his lips.

               He flickered his gaze back down to the woman below him ❝You got to admit, it was a hell of a time❞ he commented softly not wanting to say anything that would upset her but fuck it was true. He’d slept with a few different woman but she sure as hell knew what she was doing. He leaned his forehead against hers and flickered his blue hues down to her lips as he moved his body closer to her own.

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Elena giggled softly, her hands then slipping from their cradling Ethan’s face to lightly slip down his torso. Slowly roaming his chest and momentarily slipping around to his back in order to pull herself closer, the brunette softly and eventually pulled her lips back and murmured quietly, eyes fluttering open once more.
Good morning.”


Ethan could sure as hell fall right back to sleep right there, he always felt so comfortable around her but he wanted to show her the breakfast he made. He ran his hand slowly down the side of her thigh and slide her leg around his waist and began lightly caressing her thigh, his nose moved to rub lightly against her own and he pulled her small frame closer to his own, a smile playing on his face ❝mm I love you❞ he spoke those soft words as his blue hues connected with her beautiful gaze.

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